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If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream. Let us answer your whisper.

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I started with BeautyCounter in June of 2017 after purchasing a few products for myself and NOT having an allergic reaction of any kind. I found out about BeautyCounter through other natural health websites like Wellness Mama, Against All Grain, and Elena's Pantry - if it's safe enough for them, it's safe enough for anyone! I was so excited to be able to wear make-up again and decided to join originally just for the discount, but within 2 weeks I was telling everyone about it. It is the best product I have ever found for my daughter's easy to tangle red hair, and the Repair and Nourish line is really helping to clear up my scalp psoriasis after 10+ years of trying everything and even making my own scalp masks. BeautyCounter is a direct sales company dedicated to making a safer skin care and cosmetics, and pushing for stricter labeling laws in Canada and  the U.S.


The first pillar of BeautyCounter's business mission is to educate the public on harmful, toxic, and skin irritating ingredients hidden in other personal care products, and why switching to safer is important for the whole family. Learn more here:


The second pillar is to advocate for stricter labeling laws to prevent known dangerous chemicals from being allowed into our skin care and cosmetics. Founder Gregg Renfrew has helped double the amount of banned ingredients in the last 5 years in the U.S.


Creating a safer, high performing, quality product was supposed to be impossible. So BeautyCounter proved them wrong. Welcome to our fantastic collection of shampoos, skin cleansers, lip glosses, eye shadows, kids & baby products, and soon - MEN'S!!! (launch is expected March of 2018). Shop now:

Bowen® Therapy

$45/30min - $60/45min - $75/60min - $105/90min  Bowen® Therapy is a gentle, yet powerful therapy that stimulates the body to heal itself with minimal influence from the therapist. Much like Acupuncture, only a few areas are touched to treat the body as a whole rather than individual problems. Gentle, subtle touches called moves, are done over specific tendons and muscles to trigger a whole body "reboot" through the body's autonomic nervous system (ANS), which controls 80% of body functions. By utilizing the ANS, a Bowen® practitioner can affect changes at a deeper level in the body to get to the core of an imbalance and therefore begin the rehabilitative process. In order to thoroughly reset the body, a wait time of 2-20 minutes is used between each set of Bowen® moves to allow the body time to unwind or sedate any over stressed areas. The wait times let the body begin its healing and show the practitioner what areas require more work or more time for the reset to take place. Often a therapist will check muscle tension in various areas before either moving on to the next set of moves, or performing the correction again in that same area. The body can only unwind at its predetermined speed and sometimes the body must correct deeper before another area can begin; forcing the body to move ahead of schedule will delay the overall healing of the patient and can in turn cause a setback in the whole recovery schedule. Treatments are often recommended weekly during the initial corrective phase, then on a semi monthly basis until the body is able to maintain the corrections, after which the maintenance schedule is advised to help hold the body in an optimal functioning state.

A few examples of conditions Bowen® Therapy can help:

- TMJD (Tempo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction) includes jaw stiffness due to clenching and grinding, malocclusion (jaw is off-set), chronic pain, clicks and pops upon opening or closing. All moves are done externally and cause little to no pain. Recommended after any type of dental work, infants with a tongue or lip tie, times of high stress, or recurring neck pain. 

Whiplash and Post MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) injuries - pain, stiffness, decreased ROM (range of motion - inability or shoulder check, etc.), headaches, troubles swallowing, dizziness or vertigo.

Pelvis - hip dysfunction, bow legged or knock kneed, toe in or out, heel and ankle pain, lumbar pain, Sciatic pain and leg referral, bladder incontinence or constipation.

Thoracic Pain - sprung ribs, chest tightness and congestion, gall bladder pain and discomfort, acid reflux/hernia, arm tingling/pain/numbness, or that stubborn knot under the shoulder blades.

Lymph Drainage Post Mastectomy - this is a very important DAILY self-care routine that needs to be performed as soon as possible after surgery. After receiving the first few Bowen® treatments to help loosen any tightness stemming from the surgery, a self-care treatment can be taught to help promote proper lymphatic flow from the arm back into the Thoracic cavity.

After a session, it is important to follow the recommendations of your therapist. Occasionally exercises will be given, these help to re-calibrate the areas just worked on and ensure healing to your full potential before your next treatment. It is important to drink lots of water (a 150lb person should drink a MINIMUM of 2.2L daily), go for short frequent walks, avoid the shower/bath/hot tub on treatment day, take a day off from the gym or workout routine, walk around barefoot (socks are ok) especially after having the legs or spine done.

Children & Infants: Often children require therapy due to various sports, falls, colic, car accidents, bathroom problems... but have a hard time laying down for a massage or other treatments due to the fact that the therapy hurts. With Bowen®, that is no longer an obstacle due to the soft, gentle manner of the Bowen® moves. They lay on the table while mom and dad is in the room for them to see, receive their therapy, and not need to worry their "massage" will hurt. For Baby Bowen®, the parent can often hold the little one for the entire treatment so they stay as relaxed as possible, increasing the therapy's success.

Essential Oil Products 

Hand blended essential oils for for everyday life. Whether it be from stress and anxiety, cranky children or coworkers, preventing germs, or to assist with sleep, B2Pur's signature aromas can help. Essential Oils can be purchased either as singles for your own experimentation or in ready to use blends.


All B2Pur drops contain only undiluted essential oil blends perfect for your diffuser, diffuser jewelry, home or office. Apply 2-3 drops of choice  around the home, furnace filter, or diffuser to have a "whole home" experience. Drops can be extremely versatile whether for adding a favorite scent to the air or helping fight off germs. A few drops in the floor mats of the car can get rid of unwanted odors and change your mood depending on the EO blend used. Peaceful Travels or Soar is a fantastic blend for those that do not enjoy driving in certain conditions or as an added mental boost on a long drive. If applying topically, always be sure to dilute appropriately with a skin sensitive carrier oil or lotion. Jojoba oil for the chest up, or fractionated coconut for the rest of the body are nice choices.


Ready to use lotions are a customer favorite! Topical ointments for pain, inflammation, or sore feet available. Apply right to the area of concern, rub in gently until completely absorbed, and feel the difference 2-10 minutes. Blissful Feet Lotion is wonderful after a long day - the cooling of Peppermint provides the "ooohhh" that we all enjoy. If using for an acute injury, lotion can be applied every 4 hours to help minimize bruising, swelling, and assist with pain management. If condition persists longer than 5 days consults your doctor. For chronic conditions, use 1 - 3 times daily or as needed for symptom management. All lotions are handmade and contain only natural products that are safe for all ages. Most lotions contain a mixture of Grapeseed oil and Apricot Kernel oil, then an emulsifying wax derived from coconut and/or palm kernel, and water.


An easy way to get the scent you want in an area without the need for a diffuser. A fine mist that evaporates and leaves a subtle aroma behind. Can be used as a replacement to anti-bacterial wipes and sticky hand sanitizers that need to be washed off before eating. When used in the vehicle, only 2 sprays are usually needed to avoid the aroma from being too overpowering. Awake & Refresh or Peaceful Travels are popular for stressful driving conditions. Contains only pure essential oils, an emulsifier derived from coconut oil, and water. No drying alcohol needed! Can safely apply a thin mist to most surfaces for a quick "cleanse" before you touch it - think shopping cart handles, door knobs, yoga mats, sporting equipment...A favorite for this application is 2BWell or Peppermint Wellness.

"My favorite blend is the 'Feeling Lousy'. I take it wherever I go just in case my kids start feeling a little sick, it works like a charm. I brought it with me to Europe, and it has come in very handy when going to a doctor or a pharmacy would be almost impossible."                                                                                          - Rocheal

Massage Therapy

$45/30min - $60/45min - $75/60min - $105/90min  Description text.  Sed ac urna lacus. Donec fermentum venenatis ipsum, eu efficitur mi placerat quis. Donec et convallis metus, et luctus odio. Fusce porta quam purus, vel consectetur est luctus vel.

Therapeutic Stones

$85/60min - $115/90min

Treatment Times Available

$45/30min - $60/45min - $75/60min - $105/90min