Massage Therapy is a centuries old practice of applying healing touch to the body for the benefit of various aches, pains, and stressors, dating back to as early as 3000 BC in India, Egypt, and China. It is still used today to combat a diverse assortment of body ailments ranging from acute injury rehabilitation, resolution of chronic disorders, and preventative care. Allowing the body to correct its dysfunctions, and promote overall well-being and balance, this is the reason massage therapy is one of the most widely practiced and respected therapies of our time. Whether it is to relax from high stress situations, or correct a current troubling pain, massage therapy is a great choice.

Kristen Banks, RMT, is trained as a 2200 hour therapist with over 14 years of experience. Some of the conditions treated include:

- Whiplash pain and rehabilitation, limited ROM (range of motion), trouble swallowing, headaches

- TMJD (Tempo-mandibular joint dysfunction) including clicking and popping of the TMJ, inability to fully open or close the mouth, malocclusion of the joint.

- Sacroiliac joint, Pelvis, and Sciatic pain and dysfunction including leg numbness and referral pain

- Rotator cuff sprains, strains, and injury management, limited ROM, Bursitis, and Clavicle restrictions

- Thoracic stiffness, sprung ribs, the knot-under-the-shoulder-blade, forward shoulder roll from tight pectoral muscles, TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome resulting in pain, tingling & numbness in the arms and hands)

- Lumbar pain and decreased mobility due to tension on IV (inter vertebral) discs, Psoas restrictions

- Quad, Hamstring, and IT Band adhesions and restrictions, Runner's knee, Jumper's Knee, torn or severely strained muscles

- Prenatal, Postnatal, Labour and Delivery Massage, Infant Massage Instructor

- Post Mastectomy Lymphatic drainage treatments with self-care coaching


                 Available at the Kinetic Centre. Bay 6, 2020 Strachan Road SE, Medicine Hat, AB.                  Please call 403-487-0059 or visit to book.


Clinic Rates as follows:

Massage Therapy or Bowen Therapy rates:

30 min $45         45 min $60        60 min $75        90 min $105

Therapeutic Stone sessions: 

60 mins  $85      90 mins   $115

Treatment times available:

Monday   11am - 5pm    

Tuesday   11am - 8pm      

Wednesday  9:30am - 5pm    

Friday  9:30am - 5pm    

Saturday: One per month, 9am- 12pm. (Available starting early 2018)

Gift certificates available.