Essential  Oil  Products

Hand blended essential oils for everyday life. Whether it be from stress and anxiety, cranky children or coworkers, preventing germs, or to assist with sleep, B2Pur's signature aromas can help. Essential oils can be purchased either as singles for your own experimentation or in ready to use blends. 


Awake & Refresh Drops in  15 ml

Awake & Refresh Drops in  15 ml


All B2PUR drops contain only undiluted essential oil blends perfect for your diffuser, diffuser jewelry, home, or office.  Apply 2-3 drops of choice around the home, furnace filter, or diffuser to have a "whole home" experience. Drops can be extremely versatile whether for adding a favorite scent to the air or helping fight off germs. A few drops in the floor mats of the car can get rid of unwanted odors and change your mood depending on the EO blend used. Peaceful Travels or Soar is a fantastic blend for those that do not enjoy driving in certain conditions or as an added mental boost on a long drive. 

If applying topically always be sure to dilute appropriately with a skin sensitive carrier oil or lotion. Jojoba oil for the chest up, or fractionated coconut for the rest of the body are nice choices.

After Injury Lotion in 60 ml

After Injury Lotion in 60 ml


Ready to use lotions are a customer favorite!! Topical ointments for pain, inflammation, or sore feet available. Apply right to the area of concern, rub in gently until completely absorbed, and feel the difference 2-10 minutes. Blissful Feet Lotion is wonderful after a long day- the cooling of Peppermint provides the "ooohhh" that we all enjoy.

If using for an acute injury, lotion can be applied every 4 hours to help minimize bruising, swelling, and assist with pain management. If condition persists longer than 5 days consult your doctor.

For chronic conditions, use 1-3 times daily or as needed for symptom management.

All lotions are handmade and contain only natural products that are safe for all ages. Most lotions contain a mixture of Grapeseed oil and Apricot Kernel oil, then an emulsifying wax derived from coconut &/or palm kernel, and water. 

Peppermint Wellness in 120 ml spray

Peppermint Wellness in 120 ml spray


An easy way to get the scent you want in an area without the need for a diffuser. A fine mist that evaporates and leaves a subtle aroma behind. Can be used as a replacement to anti-bacterial wipes and sticky hand sanitizers that need to be washed off before eating. When used in the vehicle, only 2 sprays are usually needed to avoid the aroma from being too over-powering. Awake & Refresh or Peaceful Travels are popular for stressful driving conditions. 

Contains only pure essential oils, an emulsifier derived from coconut oil, and water.  No drying alcohol needed! Can safely apply a thin mist to most surfaces for a quick "cleanse" before you touch it- think shopping cart handles, door knobs, yoga mats, sporting equipment.... A favorite for this application is 2BWell or Peppermint Wellness. 

My favorite blend is the ‘Feeling Lousy’. I take it wherever I go just in case my kids start feeling a little sick, it works like a charm. I brought it with me to Europe, and it has come in very handy when going to a doctor or a pharmacy would be almost impossible.
— Rocheal