Discover the "other world" of essential oils- creating your own custom blends. Whether you are new to essential oils, been dabbling for years, or looking to avoid specific oils due to allergies, creating your own blends is a fascinating process. Purchasing premade blends can be very frustrating- you save up to buy a specific blend only to find out you cannot stand the smell or reacted to one of the oils in the blend. What if you want a germ killing blend but find out it's not safe for children? You read the description of the blend but know you can't stand the smell of Lavender or Patchouli? You had your heart set on an oil for the house, the kids' rooms, or when you have a case of the blues. Now what? ...... The answer is to make your own!!

Learning about top, middle and base notes, plus uplifting or fruity verses woody and musky can be daunting, so let B2Pur make it easy for you. After a short consultation about the purpose of each blend you want to create, the suitable oils will be brought out and the creating can begin!! You have the choice of mixing the blend yourself or assisting while it is being made. After a few oils are combined, you provide the sniff test to see if the scent is something you find desirable. This continues until your perfect custom blend is finished. Finishing options include spray, lotion, soft foaming soap, roll-on bottle, soy wax candles, or reed diffuser.

Ladies Night, Birthday Parties, or Weekend Mini Retreats coming soon......

Prices calculated upon how many drops of each essential oil and the base materials used.  Appointment times are 30-90 minutes at a flat rate of $25 per session, 1-3 blends per session.