I started with BeautyCounter in June of 2017 after purchasing a few products for myself and NOT having an allergic reaction of any kind. I found out about BeautyCounter through other natural health websites like Wellness Mama, Against All Grain, and Elena's Pantry- if it's safe enough for them, it's safe enough for anyone!!  I was so excited to be able to wear make-up again and decided to join originally just for the discount, but within 2 weeks I was telling everyone about it. It is the best product I have ever found for my daughter's easy to tangle red hair, and the Repair and Nourish line is really helping to clear up my scalp psoriasis after 10+ years of trying everything and even making my own scalp masks. BeautyCounter is a direct sales company dedicated to making safer skin care and cosmetics, and pushing for stricter labelling laws in Canada and the US. 



The first pillar of BeautyCounter's business mission is to educate the public on the harmful, toxic, and skin irritating ingredients hidden in other personal care products, and why switching to safer is important for the whole family. Learn more here:


The second pillar is to advocate for stricter labeling laws to prevent known dangerous chemicals from being allowed into our skin care and cosmetics. Founder Gregg Renfrew has helped double the amount of banned ingredients in the last 5 years in the US. 




Creating a safer, high performing, quality product was supposed to be impossible. So BeautyCounter proved them wrong. Welcome to our fantastic collection of shampoos, skin cleansers, lip glosses, eye shadows, childrens & baby products, and soon- MEN'S!!! (Launch expected January 2019). 

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