Locally Owned and Produced

Every product, pure essential oil, or essential oil blend is hand poured in Medicine Hat, AB. Knowing the person who makes the products you purchase is important in today's economy. More and more people are choosing to shop, eat, and buy local versus contributing to the wealth of a large chain franchise. Handmade equals accountability, customization, and personalization. With over 80 pure essential oils on hand, this is a sampling of the products offered at B2Pur, all can be customized  to suit your preferences and, in many cases, your allergies. I know what it's like to want an item only to find out you are allergic or highly sensitive to half of the ingredients. All products are made in small batches to ensure top quality, and can therefore be tailored to your desires. Great for the holiday season, or the person that has everything such as teachers. A nice, personal alternative to the ever-popular gift card...

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